Hanz Pastor is the pioneering Buugeng artist in the Philippines. He has been mastering the art of Buugeng spinning since 2013. He is a passionate and self-trained flow artist who indulges in growing his skills and technique through a committed and progressive individual practice. He holds a central role in the recognition and appreciation of Flow and Fire Arts here in the Philippines.

Hanz has spent the first two years into his practice in the music and arts industry performing locally for nationally renowned World Music tribe, Adinkra Lumads Djembe Community, as a Buugeng artist, fire dancer and percussionist. He has graced the stages of various festivals and events far and wide teaching him to adapt to a constantly changing environment.


As a visionary artist who relies solely on his intuitive capacities to continuously create original and profound pieces, Hanz aims to offer a completely visceral and exhilarating performance as he shifts every attempt into an intense effort to transcend the normal limits of the human body, embodying the true essence of a Warrior.

He hopes to spread an appreciation for the Buugeng through giving it an identity of its own, treating it as more than just a prop and personalizing it as a dance of desire, a meditation in movement and a spiritually liberating art form.

Hanz is a full-time, professional Buugeng artist and fire dancer. He trains up to 6 hours a day. For more details on Hanz, please visit: www.facebook.com/hanzpastorperformanceart