Beginning his journey into the art of spinning over 15 years ago, Jay specializes in and further developed advanced techniques of CONTACT Fire Stick and ISOLATION with Fire Poi (or Fire Chain). He has established a reputation in the International Juggling industry as a professional performance artist and skilled teacher for beginners to advanced master classes.

A Teacher for over 10 years in many fire disciplines as contact staff, poi, double staff, Jay has specialized for the past 5 years in Buugeng. Focusing on manipulation (S curve staffs), and developing body awareness with objects workshops, pushing the use of the body around the object by synchronizing them both, learning how to step and turn with any props, and using any object as the extension of the body.

He has taught workshops at the European Juggling Conventions 2004, 2005, 2011, 2013, UBER Paris International Fire spinning Convention 2007, Spinfest 2010, Objectify 2012, Fire Drums 2013, Turkish national circus convention 2014, and in many other countries (Thailand, France, Switzerland, Slovenia, England, Spain, Australia, America, India, Indonesia, Japan…). Jay also co-organized & facilitated workshops at the Indian Juggling Convention, from 2008 to 2012, and has organized the well known PIRATES RETREAT and BALIPLAY for the past 5 years. Some of his innovative talents can be viewed in the COL 5 and COL 9 DVD, from Home of Poi, and a lot of youtube videos and tutorials on the kamaraticreations channel.


In addition to teaching and organizing events, Jay also still loves the stage and performs around the world, including shows in the Middle East and Asia, BOOM Fest and Burning Man, as well as touring with the US based band Rising Appalachia.

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