DJ Abdel Aziz

Abdel Aziz is a pioneering electronic music performer in the Philippines for more than 12 years. Pulse Radio describes him as an unsung hero in the local music scene for having played a major role in shaping & bridging the electronic dance music scene with the ever-evolving local band scene of Manila. 1/4 of his electro samba group NM+PG (Nyko Maca + PLAYgROUND), earning the M-Audio stamp of approval as an M-Powered Artist and toured most of South East Asia. He eventually revived his solo, live electronic act, as well as form another musical project, SINYMA. This project, once again made an impact on the scene through their contemporary takes on house music.


As a forward-thinking live electronic artist using new technology, he has earned the credence and respect of local artists (and promoters) in the urban music scene. Not one to be easily satisfied, and driven to further push the boundaries of electronic music making in the Philippines, he begun to work closely with Ableton certified Mile High Sounds in Malaysia.


DJ Mush Project

Based in the Philippines, Spanish drummer, Dj and producer Victor Sala migrated from Barcelona in 2010 and began the MushProject as the main tool for presenting his vision of psychedelic music and culture.


Since then, him and his team (United Fractal Organisms & Spiral Movement) have organized multiple successful gatherings such as Fractal Moon, PsyLab and Psychedelic Garden. He has also participated in numerous underground parties in the city like United Under Dance, Psychedelic Saturdays, MOB, Irie Sunday and Distraktors among others.

With several years of experience and a very specific taste for his track selection, MushProject offers a broad spectrum of music styles from ambient, chillout and dub to psychedelic trance. He has been featured in local and international events such as Summer Peace Festival, Luna Musikalawaig, Ichiban Festival, Vulan, TEF, Philippine Flow Fest, Remember Festival, Vulan, Boracay Full Moon parties, as well as at some of the top spots in Manila (TIME, Black Market, B-Side, Hyve).


Adinkra Lumads Djembe Community

The Djembe is the ubiquitous instrument of West African Music. A goblet-shaped drum usually made of wood and animal skin, it is a versatile instrument that is used in many styles of music. Djembe drum circles are gatherings of peoples from all walks of life, to communicate through music. From the low hum of the base that mirrors the pulse and rhythm of the heart, to the tones and slaps that translates the drummer’s thoughts and feelings into musical language, a djembe drum circle unites all without muting individuality–a true community.


Adinkra symbols have their origins in West African folklore, named after a king who painted symbols in his garments after being captured by the Asante people. These symbols, originally symbols of sorrow and defeat, changed overtime to signify values important in West African traditions and cultures. Adinkra symbols told the story of the rich and diverse peoples of West Africa.

Lumad is a Cebuano word for “native” or “indigenous. ” Mindanoan pre-colonial indigenous communities have called themselves Lumads to distinguish themselves from their Muslim and Christian neighbors. The Lumads remain steadfast in the preservation of their traditions despite many external challenges.



DJ Sapience

Sapience is a break beat wizard from extra-celestial bboy origins. With the rippling cymatics to tickle your dance climax. One of Big Island’s original turntablists – he never fails to get the crowd shuffling and cutting and sweating and grooving. Sapience is a star of the underground dance scene, headlining epicness such as — Jungle Face, Electric Beach Ball, and Mer Ka Bass.

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DJ Samantha Nicole

One of the names on everyone’s lips right now is that of Samantha Nicole. The grit-andguts Cubao native has been playing at all the metro’s top electronic music establishments from TIME in Manila, XX XX and Black Market, to being part of the UNKNWN and subMNL series and tearing up Area 51 in Boracay and the renowned Malasimbo Music & Arts Festival, that has brought the likes of San Soda, Goldie, Onra, Lapalux, FKJ, and more.


A resident DJ at XX XX, Samantha can also be defined as a true homegrown talent, tracing her roots to Today x Future – an infamous dive bar in Cubao that shaped her musical taste and talent, being exposed to multi-faceted music. Her sound flows between house, funk, bass, techno and also dips into electro, world, indie and disco flavours, but one key trait is what makes you recognise Samantha is on the decks – it’s jacking. No matter what track she is playing the thumping kick drum keeps all the dancers moving.

She has been billed with the likes of Bicep, Milton Bradley, Jacques Greene, Busy P, Darius, Francis Inferno Orchestra, Francesca Lombardo, FJAAK, Stefan Goldman, Eric Volta, to name a few. She also co-hosts Tektonik: a monthly night dedicated to noncommercial

dance music. She is scheduled to make her debut performance in STUDIO, Hong Kong on February 2017.

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DBT has been rocking the decks for more than a decade, sharing the stage with such global luminaries as Markus Schulz, Fedde Le Grand, Jordan Suckley and Indecent Noise. An all-around musician who started her career as a drummer before transitioning into one of the country’s most versatile and powerhouse DJs. Spinning under Trance Til Dawn (TTD) and the brand she co-manages, Give Trance A Chance, Philippines (GTAC PH). Her musical style ranges from underground to hardcore, deeply rooted in Psytrance and being hailed as one of the pioneers of this genre in the Philippine music scene.