Abdel Aziz is a pioneering electronic music performer in the Philippines for more than 12 years. Pulse Radio describes him as an unsung hero in the local music scene for having played a major role in shaping & bridging the electronic dance music scene with the ever-evolving local band scene of Manila. 1/4 of his electro samba group NM+PG (Nyko Maca + PLAYgROUND), earning the M-Audio stamp of approval as an M-Powered Artist and toured most of South East Asia. He eventually revived his solo, live electronic act, as well as form another musical project, SINYMA. This project, once again made an impact on the scene through their contemporary takes on house music.


As a forward-thinking live electronic artist using new technology, he has earned the credence and respect of local artists (and promoters) in the urban music scene. Not one to be easily satisfied, and driven to further push the boundaries of electronic music making in the Philippines, he begun to work closely with Ableton certified Mile High Sounds in Malaysia.