Based in the Philippines, Spanish drummer, Dj and producer Victor Sala migrated from Barcelona in 2010 and began the MushProject as the main tool for presenting his vision of psychedelic music and culture.


Since then, him and his team (United Fractal Organisms & Spiral Movement) have organized multiple successful gatherings such as Fractal Moon, PsyLab and Psychedelic Garden. He has also participated in numerous underground parties in the city like United Under Dance, Psychedelic Saturdays, MOB, Irie Sunday and Distraktors among others.

With several years of experience and a very specific taste for his track selection, MushProject offers a broad spectrum of music styles from ambient, chillout and dub to psychedelic trance. He has been featured in local and international events such as Summer Peace Festival, Luna Musikalawaig, Ichiban Festival, Vulan, TEF, Philippine Flow Fest, Remember Festival, Vulan, Boracay Full Moon parties, as well as at some of the top spots in Manila (TIME, Black Market, B-Side, Hyve).