Piaget Martelino

Piaget Martelino’s style can best be described as having a great sense of design and whimsy. His work attempts to entice the viewer to enjoy and play a while, to stimulate feelings and memories of childhood when life was simple and and one’s imagination, limitless. The liveliness of his work is primarily achieved by the use of playful patterns, bright and happy colors, visual movement and endless biomorphic shapes.

Martelino’s work has received recognition in the Philippines where he primarily resides. In 2007 he was a finalist in the 2nd Art Association of the Philippines-Exhibition Center for Contemporary Art Abstract Painting Competition as well as the 60th Annual Art Association of the Philippines Art Competition in the sculpture category. Piaget has exhibited in the Philippines, the United States and New Zealand and his work can be found in private collections around the world. Martelino is also often seen painting at his usual Art/Music gigs at different bars and clubs in the metro, various events and festivals both here and abroad, most recently in New Zealand at the opening night of Tony Piggott’s play Giving Up in Christchurch and the Endeavour Festival at the Marlborough Sounds where he was invited to be a guest artist.


In 2011, Martelino organized a small group colleagues and friends that got together every other Saturday for sketching sessions at his studio. Eventually taking the name Saturday Sketching Sessions, it quickly grew into one of the more active art groups in the Country holding 3 exhibitions, numerous live art events, sketching sessions, art markets, and other activities every year which all members are encouraged to join.

Martelino founded The Mustache Creative in 2013, a loose collective of artists, photographers, film makers, writers, musicians and like minded people, which serves as a resource pool for various art-focused projects and events.


Dee Jae Paeste

Dee Jae Pa’este was built and programmed in the Silicon Valley’s San Jose, CA. Born to a Irish-Polynesian mother and a Filipino father, family and culture has always been rooted in his art and lifestyle. He has recently relocated to Manila, Philippines after spending the past 6 years in Japan and New York working in the art and fashion world and searching for the perfect piece of sushi and inspiration to match. Influenced by a wide number of sources, Dee Jae’s artwork is both personal and universal. Stylistically, Dee Jae owes quite a bit to the graffiti scene and his peers in the tattoo world. His work has a strong, graphic sensibility, and consists of powerful, primary colors and bold, thick lines reminiscent of microchip circuitry and Polynesian tribal tattoos.


In order to convey his vision, Dee Jae dabbles with a wide variety of media, but most often finds himself comfortable with acrylic paints and spray cans. He likes the immediacy of it because it reflects the fast paced world around him. Building within the underground art community in the places he has traveled, Dee Jae often finds himself doing Live Paintings in random venues surrounded by sound, chaos, and crowds of onlookers. Dee Jae makes no statements, voices no opinions. What he does offer is an observation. Growing up in the Silicon Valley, he couldn’t help but notice the duality of nature and technology, and the need for a sense of balance. His artwork reflects a “mixture of old world aesthetics and new world consciousness.” and a pursuit of finding a balance amongst the two elements. Both of which are tied to the landscapes of his home town of San Jose and and also in Tokyo and NYC where he has found much of his recent inspiration.

His work has appeared in a number of venues, galleries, & murals from New York, Los Angeles, Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Hawaii, and Japan. With all the possibilities of change and experience in an evolving world, Dee Jae plans to spend the rest of his days painting, traveling,creating and eating his way through it. He is looking forward to the time he will reside in Manila looking to dig deeper into his cultural roots. Dee Jae hopes to spread his art and share his creativity with the people that inhabit it and to leave behind his art so that it may resonate within the city, when his time there ends.

Follow him at: IG @Deejae408 #starvingartistph